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The Gulf Coast region of the United States comprises the coasts of states which border the Gulf of Mexico. The states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are known as the Gulf States. All Gulf States are located in the Southern region of the United States.

The economy of the Gulf Coast region is dominated by industries related to fishing, aerospace, agriculture, and tourism. The region is anchored by the cities of Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, and Tampa, all the centers of their respective metropolitan areas and containing large ports.

Abandoned to Demolished: Make Way For A New Park

Those in Ellisville, MS will be happy to know that the eye sore; old community building, will be demolished. In it’s place will be a park for the locals. The mayor stated that they will be able to save some money due to the foundation being in tact. They will reuse the concrete that is already located at the location in order to save tax payers some money. It will help those get in a cheerier disposition. The community’s economy seems to be on an incline, which means more jobs in the near future.

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